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Cleanerbins are celebrating 10 years of wheelie bin cleaning!

We are the ladies behind CleanerBins… Anna (on the left) and Ayesha (on the right). We are pleased to announce that CleanerBins are celebrating 10 years and would like to thank all our customers for their continued support! πŸ’š



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On a Wednesday morning in 2009, we pulled our bins back up our drive and both thought the same thing…..they needed a profession clean! We spoke about who we could find to do the job but no immediate solution was found. An idea occurred and we partnered up and formed CleanerBins.


Women in Business!

In these 10 years, we have grown our business, developed an App for our customers and have supported our community to use their bins effectively.
Through these 10 years our team has multiplied as have our families, we have both become Grandparents, expert jugglers and know more about bins than we ever thought we would!


There have been challenges, and like many small businesses, the impact of the Coronavirus had us pressing the pause button until the council resumed its collections. We made the changes needed to protect our team and our customers and returned to the job of cleaning, an activity that feels even more vital in this β€˜new normal’.


We are proud to serve Milton Keynes and the surrounding villages!


Our small idea has become Milton Keynes’ largest and longest serving wheelie bin cleaning service.


Our loyal customer base have both Domestic bins and Commercial waste containers and we clean household, school and hospital bins, to name a few. Let us do the dirty work so you don’t have to!


Anna and Ayesha.


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